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" ... thank you for the six weeks of high quality education provided by you and your assistants. We, me particularly, learned a lot, and I try to use my knowledge every day with my puppy" [November 2017, DM, North London]

"I really appreciate how much you have gone above and beyond to help us". [September 2017, WB, West London]

You have been so kind and wonderful and I am truly touched that you have taken the time to help me. [August 2017, KH, North London]

Thank you so much for today's lesson, my dog and I have learned so much already, and our connection and understanding each other is growing each week. [March 2017, CJ, North London]

Thanks Susan, you have been wonderful! [February 2017, KM, North London]

You are incredible!!! Great customer service ! [February 2017, LF, North London]

Thanks so much for todays session and all the time and help I've received with my dog. I have seen a big improvement with her and I am really grateful in the dog she is slowly becoming. I wish I had started this training from when I got her but oh well you live and learn and I will definitely never make that mistake in the future. From watching you guys with your dogs today really made me understand the time and effort it takes and how consistent you have to be. Just wanted to let you know how grateful I am with the support I have on this long journey but will all be 100% worth it. Thanks. [November 2016, TP, North London]

A much-respected colleague says: “You’re a role model for so many. Keep raising the bar and drag the rest of them up there with you”. [Facebook, November 2016]

"Thank you so much Susan! I really thought I was going to have to put [my dog] to sleep because I thought he was dangerous. Since you've explained everything and showed me how to help him, his behaviour is just getting better and better. No-one believes it is the same dog! I'm so grateful to you for all your kindness and patience". [September 2016, CL, South London]

"We wanted to thank you for your help over the past couple of months with training our little dog. The one to one sessions at our flat were so helpful as we tried to get our heads round the rights and wrongs of training our first dog. And we really enjoyed the Ultimate Urban Puppy course. It gave us all sorts of tips and tricks for working with him. Even though he did his best to bark for 60 minutes every week, over time he's slowly but surely learning all the right things. He's a headstrong and very confident chap but we feel like you've given us a great start at dealing with his various demands and moments of madness! Thanks also for patience with us and our dog as he set about his many moments of barking madness. It's quite daunting trying to learn all the right things with your first dog. And more than the other dog trainers we've come across, we really appreciated how you were sympathetic to and supportive of us as we tried to learn and become better owners. An ongoing effort! Please pass on our thanks to your assistants, who we really enjoyed working with. I'm sure we'll see you again soon as we're keen to come to more of your classes! [February 2016, K&P, North London]

"I wanted to write and say thank you for the training with our puppy. I was quite overwhelmed at first as it seemed there was so much to learn and I would never remember sufficiently in order to train her! Anyhow, as with the dog, a lot has fallen into place and now feels a lot less daunting. It was a lot of fun and you are an quite extraordinary teacher so thank you!!!" [February 2016, AH, Holborn]

"Thank you. I had a fabulous time and your methods are very easy, rational and dog centered". [January 2016, GD, North London]

"I would like to express my sincere big fat thank you for everything you have done for our dog and for us as a family". [December 2015, TG, North London]

"Thanks for giving us so much of you time last night. We found it all so useful and are feeling much more positive about the whole training process. You were a massive hit with [our dog]. He kept on looking mournfully at the door after you'd gone!" [November 2015, KC, North London]

Ian Mcparland (2015): The retired head of the Status Dog Unit recently said of Susan that: "You can’t beat academic and experience and she has both in abundance"

"Loads of work done with our puppy over weekend, following your brilliant advice she is now back to eating properly.Thank you again your help - it has really been a godsend". [June 2014, SD, North London]

"The clicker training really helped everything more than I can say - it totally revolutionised how I interacted with my dog when she was stressed, and I think it gave her a lifeline when she was feeling stressed, something predictable and easy to focus on. Thank you so much for coming round. I cannot tell you just how much better, and positive, and in control I feel, I don't want to labour the point but you really are amazing!" [Feb 2014, PH, West London]

"Cannot believe it ... we've applied all your advice of yesterday and we can already see progress! Our staffie cross is more chilled and managed to calm down really quickly from playing in the park. Our EBT puppy is resting more and is less annoying. Did a 15 minute exercise of puppy gymnastics with her and she's been really focused and had some fun! You are angels!" [July 2013, DYAB, E9]

"Is it OK if we add your training details/website etc to our website under the training section? We only add details of trainers who have worked successfully with us previously with a successful track record and also who work inline with our own ethics of kind training methods etc and I'd love people to know about you." [July 2013, AMCUK (Alaskan Malamute Club of the UK)]

"It was great to meet you on this weekend. We needed a kick start in the training area and this was so helpful". [June 2013, L and family, N1]

"Thank you so much for your time and pearls of wisdom .... We have already been the beneficiaries of one of your handling strategies. So fortunate to have seen you when we did ... Thank heavens we acted immediately as advised by you ... Quite fantastic..and just in time as [the barking] was getting extremely excessive. Thank heavens....Great sigh of relief ... [Your] information has been a life changer not to mention all of the comprehensive wisdom you imparted." [May 2013, J, L. and S., London, W1]

"We have made lots of progress with the 'come' when she is off lead, and also with the lead control generally. Can't wait for you to see!" [May 2013, D and M, London] 

"Thank you for having us at the class yesterday, it was most informative and showed (particularly me) how much I’m bribing and confusing our puppy". [March 2013, E and M, London.]

"Thank you for today, it was very informative. We'll definitely be seeing you again next week." [April 2013, K, S and E. London.]

"I love your approach, no false hopes, no dog whisper miracles, just reality". [May 2013, SA. Dog rescue co-ordinator] 

"Thank you so much! It was great to meet you and learn about what to do!! We've noticed an improvement in our dog's behaviour already, which is amazing, and we'll continue to train him and not slack off!" [May 2013, S & N, London N7]

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