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THE DOG HUB does guarantee to offer its clients:

  • A professional, reliable, superior and trustworthy dog training service
  • Expert trainers with integrity and commitment to continuing professional development
  • Commitment to using positive, reward-based training methods
  • Individually customised training plans with regular feedback and updates
  • Regular access to our trainers by e-mail
  • A commitment to help dog owners facing difficulties to seek relief, change or improvement regarding their dog's behaviour
  • To do our utmost to help every client and their dog in both companion dog training and behaviour modification
  • A commitment to being open, honest and transparent with our clients, and to discuss expected training outcomes realistically
  • An ethical approach to our training which is clearly reflected in our treatment of the dogs we with work with.

Please also see our Code of Practice

THE DOG HUB cannot guarantee the outcome of training:

we believe it is unethical to do so.

Despite our commitment to offering you the very best dog training services possible, we are unable to guarantee results. There are many reasons for this - much will depend on the breed, sex, history and previous learning experiences of your dog. When there are problem behaviours to resolve, the training needed to 'put things right' may take many hours of the owner's time and effort - and clearly we have no control over whether that is carried out or not. But you can be assured that The Dog Hub trainers do their utmost support you in every possible way so that the training outcomes benefit you and your dog. 

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