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How does it work?

The process starts with a home visit from Susan - a qualified behaviourist. She assesses your dog and develops a training schedule tailored to your dog's needs. This schedule is sent to you with a fee quotation. Only realistic goals and targets are set. If you decide to proceed, you are introduced to your trainer and dates and times for training agreed. 

What happens?

  • The dog stays in the home while the training takes place.
  • The trainer teaches the dog the skills that have been listed in the training schedule.
  • The trainer reports back to the behaviourist regularly to update on how the training is progressing and to discuss any problems that may arise.
  • In the final session(s) of training, the behaviourist attends to assess the dog's progress.
  • In the handover phase, the owner is briefed on the new behaviours the dog has acquired and shown how the dog executes them. They are then taught the cues and handling skills under the supervision of the trainer / behaviourist before the 'handover' is complete.

How much will it cost?

The initial assessment with written training schedule costs £120. The training is charged at £45 per hour. The final re-assessment and handover is £75. 

Owners must be totally committed and be prepared to follow through using the cues and rewards for behaviours that the trainer has taught the dog.


Because Walk and Train is not suitable for all dogs and/or owners, please do feel free to telephone us to have a chat about whether or not it may be a suitable option for you.

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