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All our trainers, assistants and support staff are signed up to,

and committed to be bound by, the CAWC Code of Practice .

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ADipCBM (Advanced Diploma Canine Behaviour Management)

Master Professional Dog Training Instructor (Guild of Dog Trainers)

SUSAN CLOSE has owned and trained dogs and horses since her teens. From 2004 she has focused on dog training and the scientific analysis and modification of their behaviour. She is the owner, master trainer and behaviourist at The Dog Hub and specialises in risk reduction and community safety. She has achieved:

  • Advanced Diploma in Canine Behaviour Management (ADipCBM) with Distinction - making her a Canine Behaviourist (May 2015)
  • Master Professional Dog Training Instructor with the Guild of Dog Trainers - confirming her capability as a professional companion dog trainer
  • Certificate in Puppy Training with Distinction (October 2015)
  • Diploma in Canine Aggression with Distinction (March 2017)
  • Certificate in Canine Nutrition for Veterinary Nurses with Distinction (November 2017)
  • Diploma in Canine Communication with Distinction (April 2020)
  • Compassion Understood Pet Loss Care Support (July 2020)
  • Trainer for DOG A.I.D. (Assistance in Disability) (August 2020)
  • Certificate in Dogs and Children with Distinction (August 2021)
  • Executive Committee Member, The Registration Council for Dog Training and Behaviour Practitioners, Registration No RS16-C16.
  • Founder Member of iTD, National Register of Dog Trainers and Behaviourists
  • Contributor, APDAWG All-Party Parliamentary Dog Advisory Welfare Group 

CPD includes: 

Working with Autistic Clients (DogAID, 2021); Mental Health Awareness (DogAID, February 2022); DOGS & KIDS (Levine, May 2022); Chill Out - incorporating condition relaxation techniques into behavioural therapy (Pachel, April 2021); Our Dog Bit Our Toddler! HELP! (Dec 2021); Doglaw for Professionals: 3 part webinar course with Trevor Cooper (July 2023

Her training groups (puppy onwards) at THE DOG HUB aim to teach urban dogs and their owners how to cope with the many challenges of inner city life. The one-to-one problem solving arm of her practice expands on this: she is committed to rehabilitating dogs that struggle to cope with the stresses and strains of living in today's fast-moving world in dense and noisy metropolitan environments. All the training and support Susan offers is non-judgemental: "You can't change the past, but you can influence the future!" She believes that learning should be fun and that, because the activities learned should be fit for purpose, she offers each dog and its owners thoughtfully tailored training packages. The retired head of the Status Dog Unit recently said of her that: "You can’t beat academic and experience and she has both in abundance"

Susan attends seminars and courses from the best dog training and behaviour practitioners in order keep her skills up to date. These cover topics such as aggression, nutrition, dogs and the law, and reactive dogs. She has a current DBS (disclosure and barring service) certificate.


with Mariam Motamedi-Fraser, Simon Garfield and Marc Bekoff: 

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YARO started training with Susan at The Dog Hub when she got her first puppy, a female Doberman called Cleo. With Susan’s help she has managed to train her to a high standard and enjoys doing agility and CaniX with her. In the last two years Yaro has become closely associated with The Dog Hub since she raised an interest in pursuing a career in dog behaviour; she is currently assisting in puppy classes and private consultations. In the summer of 2015 Yaro started her own dog walking business and since then has had experience with dogs of many different breeds, personalities, sizes and backgrounds. This has made her appreciate the importance of teaching people (and dogs) skills that will enable both parties to have enriched, happy and fulfilled lives.

ANGELA grew up around dogs in the Italian countryside. After moving to the UK, she started her own dog walking business around 10 years ago. She became interested in dog training and behaviour after experiencing some issues with her own dog, a female Bulldog cross called Norah. Since 2019, she has been attending courses and seminars to improve her training skills and gain a better understanding of behaviour; this knowledge has greatly improved her relationship with Norah and made her appreciate the importance of meeting the individual's needs and strengthening the human-dog bond to improve quality of life, for both dogs and owners. In April 2023, she joined The Dog Hub as an assistant to improve her skills and gain more hands-on experience.

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