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1. ONE-to-ONE TRAINING - puppies and adult dogs

If you feel that classes are not ideal for you, your family, your puppy or your dog, perhaps a one-to-one private session would be more suitable. One-to-one training can focus on what is important to you, be tailored to your lifestyle and your dog's specific needs, and take place at a time and location convenient for you. This kind of training is also best if your dog is expressing problem behaviours - see "BEHAVIOUR CLINIC" page for examples.

The fee for a private PUPPY ONE-TO-ONE training session is £75.00 per (generous) hour. There is also an option for sessions with an assistant trainer (under my supervision) at £35+ per hour. 

The fee for a private ADULT DOG ONE-TO-ONE is £95 per (generous) hour at your home, or other suitable location of your choice. There is also an option for additional sessions with an assistant trainer (under my supervision) at £35 per hour.  

CAMDEN RESIDENTS may qualify for free or subsidised access to these services.  Email for more information. 

2. KENNEL CLUB "PUPPY" Foundation (4 week course)

These are unique beginner level classes and they cater for just four puppies per class (five if they're very small!). 

KC PUPPY LOGOThe course covers the Kennel Club's Good Citizen Puppy Foundation Assessment. Kennel Club Puppy Foundation certificates and rosettes are awarded on successful completion. 
The classes are held in NW1 and the fee for PUPPY FOUNDATION is £60.00 for four classes

CAMDEN RESIDENTS may qualify for free or subsidised places on these courses.  Email for more information.  

3. ULTIMATE URBAN PUPPY (4 week course)

This is based on the Kennel Club Good Citizen Puppy Foundation Course, but is more comprehensive and covers many additional behaviours / issues. The class will be limited to eight puppies with one trainer and one assistant present: this will ensure that you plenty of support and attention. Time is set aside for a question and answer session, and the atmosphere aims to be informal and friendly. It is designed to offer a truly unique and superior class. Our own Urban Puppy Certificates and Rosettes are awarded on successful completion. Prior attendance at one of our four-week Kennel Club Good Citizen Puppy Foundation (see above) is required.

The fee is £120 for four sessions.

The next Ultimate Urban Puppy Course will be in Spring 2020.
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The fee for a BEHAVIOURAL CONSULTATION (1.5 hours +) is £125 with feedback and behaviour modification forward planning. These consultations are for the more complex behavioural problems (eg separation distress/anxiety, aggression) that cannot be addressed in basic one-to-one training. 

We carry out behavioural consultations in all London Boroughs and can travel further afield by arrangement. Some people living in The London Borough of Camden may quality for free or subsidised behavioural advice.

For information about Behaviour Assessments 
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Other services include pre-ownership sessions on how to prepare you and your home for the arrival of your new puppy or dog; how to manage multiple dogs; how get your dog ready for the arrival of a baby; assessments for problem dogs (see also COMMUNITY PROJECT). We also recommend preparing children in the family for the arrival of a dog or puppy into the household - educating them reduces the kinds of risky behaviour that might lead to bites or other accidents.

If you don't see the kind of class or training you want, 
do contact me to discuss how I might be able to help you.