This page is under daily revision so please check in regularly for updates about how we can continue to support dog owners (and others impacted by any dog's behaviour) 
during this difficult time.

All classes are suspended until further notice. 

TROUBLESHOOTING: We will evaluate, on a case by case basis, the need for a behavioural modification one-to-one where the behaviour of a dog poses a risk to its owner(s) and/or a risk to members of the public in the community. 

FREE TELEPHONE HELP: if you are having problems with your puppy / dog, then we want to continue to give you as much advice and support as we can. We are starting by offering you a 20 minute pre-booked telephone consultation slot. This is FREE to anyone who has ever been registered with The Dog Hub. Please email or text us with your name and the type of query you have, and we'll reply offering a time when you can phone us for your consultation.

SOCIAL MEDIA: click HERE and then 'like' to follow us on Facebook for regular posts on training tips and games to keep your puppy/dog entertained and learn at the same time. 

A lot of blogs, articles and social media posts are extolling the virtues of working from home. As one blogger writes this "means our furry best friends get to spend an unprecedented amount of time with us". OK, I get that. But what is going to happen to these poor animals when, somewhere down the line, after perhaps months of having company 24/7, they are left home alone again as their owners return to the workplace? I fear a tsunami of separation anxiety for these pets. At The Dog Hub we will be helping people prepare their dogs beforehand so that the return to work is not so traumatic for them. Join us on Facebook and in the coming weeks we'll start working together on separation issues. 

Whilst all this isn't ideal, it's a start!

We can also try and help arrange deliveries of dog food or other dog-related supplies. Get in touch if you need help.

We'll be adding more options for you over the coming days. If you have any suggestions about what else we can do to help, please let us know!