THE  DOG  HUB - Promoting responsible dog ownership in the Borough of Camden

The Dog Hub. Dog training in the London Borough of Camden. ONCE A YEAR
Over the past 10 years we have been inviting canine professionals and dog lovers to join The DOG HUB ONCE A YEAR Scheme.

For newcomers to the idea, what we are asking for is that just once a year, people offer their services (or goods) to The Dog Hub free of charge. Please note that we are not seeking cash donations!
If you are a vet, trainer, behaviourist, groomer, dog accessories supplier, dog-sitter, dog-walker, dog lover etc, you may be able to help us. A behaviourist may, for example, do a one-off assessment in a complicated case where we believe an external consultant's expertise is required. A trainer might offer a free one-to-one for a dog owner in their area. Or a vet may offer a one-off examination for a minor ailment, free micro-chipping or flea/worming treatment. 
Offers of support under this Scheme will only be called upon when there is a genuine need, and all contact with donors will be through The DOG HUB administrators.
When The DOG HUB bids for funding for the year 2018-2019, we will be able to offer an estimated value of the ONCE A YEAR Scheme towards match-funding. So any offer of help from you, no matter how small, would be a great help.
Recent donations include: 

- collars, leashes, muzzles, beds and blankets
- advice from a veterinary nurse
- a grooming session
- transport to and from a local vet
- a sponsored one-to-one dog training session
- a sponsored course of six puppy lessons
- two hours of telephone support for a worried owner
- two good-as-new crates
- four babygates
a small contribution from you could be a 
life-changing act of kindness 
to a dog and owner 
in need.